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Swords & Some Magic

Project Details

  • Title: Swords & Some Magic
  • Promo-site:
  • Launched: May 2015
  • GEO: Russia / Worldwide
  • Platforms: App Store
  • Top positions: 5th place in Top Free Games Russia in App Store
  • Featuring: Yes, Russia / CIS
  • Number of downloads in 2 weeks: 15,000
  • Average rating:

Case Study

Swords & Some Magic is a fantasy action game, that combines elements from both traditional platformers and contemporary runners. A player is trying to reach the top floor of the Dark Tower, so the game is split into floors with levels – which serve as milestones of the journey.

Nova Games conducted a soflt-launch for the game on a Russian market. The main goals were checking monetization mechanics, measuring user activation/retention, and analyzing the feedback from players.

As the main marketing channel, we used incentivized traffic in combination with non-incent ad networks. As a result of successful traffic mix, the game has reached Top 5 Free Games in the App Store and was featured by Apple in the "New Apps We Love" list.

Case Studies