Case Studies

Falling Egg

Project Details

  • Title: Falling Egg
  • Promo-site:
  • Launched: March 2015
  • GEO: Russia / Worldwide
  • Platforms: App Store / Google Play
  • Top positions: 11th place in Top Free Games Russia in App Store
  • Featuring: Yes, Russia / CIS for 6 months
  • Number of downloads in 2 weeks: 15,000
  • Average rating:

Case Study

Nova Games has launched a fascinating puzzle game Falling Egg on Russian market in Spring 2015. Falling Egg is a funny and addictive casual puzzle game with an interesting gameplay, colorful graphics and a lot of levels.

Nova Games Team made a video trailer, developed a promo site, designed banners, and implemented game design guidance, SDK integration and testing services for iOS / Android platforms.

We selected Russian App Store for a soft-launch, because it was an appropriate market to check user retention and engagement for games of such genre. The main goal was to measure user retention along with analyzing of key monetization metrics for Free2Play model (ARPU / LTV).

As a result, the game climbed to 11th place in Top Free Games list in Russia without the involvement of incentivized traffic. We used content marketing, placed articles on major mobile gaming websites and delivered banner ads using high-class targeting approach.

Case Studies