18.01.2017 Great news! Our RPG/Strategy games are featured in the Russian App Store

Nova Games is happy to announce that our exciting RPG/Strategy games "New Age" and "Shadow Quest: Heroes Story" are now featured in the Strategy and RPG categories in the RU App Store.

We always try to deliver best gameplay experience for our players. As it comes to RPGs and Strategies, we know how to build successful project and promote it.

Download New Age and Shadow Quest now to get know the RPG/Strategy genre as it should be.

23.12.2016 Nova Games wishes you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! Take "caRRage: special Christmas update" as a gift!

Nova Games wishes you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! We'd like to wish to all of our gamers and partners a lot of happiness and joy in the New Year, and we want you to have a lot of ideas and to realize them during coming year. And, of course, we will be really appreciated if you install more NG games onto your smartphone.

From us, and on behalf of the Velcro Games developers, please take a gift for Christmas and New Year - winter release of caRRage with the incredible "Ice Hockey" mode:

New features of caRRage: special Christmas update

  • New and breathtaking Ice Hockey Mode!
  • Falling snow and snow-covered surroundings
  • Snowy field in the Trashball mode
  • Colorful explosions of confetti (Holi colors)
  • Christmas garage decorations: Christmas tree, gift boxes, and garland
  • Truck in the Delivery Mode is decorated like the Christmas candy
  • Cars are throwing snowballs
  • Icy frozen puddles and explosion of confetti
  • Christmas billboards
  • School buses on the roads are decorated for Christmas
  • Barrels with a Christmas ribbon
  • Christmas candy fences

Download caRRage: special Christmas update right now and enjoy this wonderful and charming game during all the holidays!

19.12.2016 Shadow Quest: Heroes Story has reached Top 10 Free Games List in the Russian App Store!

Nova Games is very happy to announce that a deep and bright strategy game with strong RPG elements Shadow Quest: Heroes Story has reached the #6 position in the Top Free Games list of App Store Russia. We conducted the soft launch in Russia/CIS and very satisfied by its results.

A lot of congrats to the developers! We earned tens of thousand new users on both App Store and Google Play platforms and we appreciate your valuable feedback. Feel free to share your thoughts with us!

Also we inform you that there are several amazing features in development: global events (tournaments) and global multiplayer are among them. All of this will make the game even more intersting and fascinating.

Download Shadow Quest: Heroes Story on the App Store and Google Play now:


12.12.2016 Incredible strategy / RPG Shadow Quest is available in Russia/CIS - both on App Store and Google Play!

Nova Games announces availability of a new title "Shadow Quest: Heroes Story". The game is ready for download in Russia/CIS on the App Store through this link, and on the Google Play via this link.

Shadow Quest is a deep, colorful strategy game with strong RPG elements and a depth of gameplay that rivals modern PC games. Lead a party of four heroes of various classes forward by using their special abilities. Power up your party in various ways while exploring dungeons in which well-earned rewards await you among enemies and traps.

Shadow Quest combines classical RPG elements (leveling up characters, special items, potions, crafting) and the best modern combat mechanics based not just on characters' skills, but also their positional abilities.

Shadow Quest features:

  • Deep combat mechanics that rival PC games. Your search for synergy and balance among your heroes will produce impressive results.
  • Dozens of diverse heroes. Each hero has a unique personality, set of equipable items, skills, and abilities.
  • Three character classes: Tank, Fighter, and Healer. This allows you to find your own combat style and develop your own unique strategy.
  • Each chapter of the campaign ends with a boss battle that demands serious effort to win. As a reward, you will get Shade Essence and gain the ability to craft legendary equipment with unique characteristics.
  • Countless different items, item crafting, character leveling, and a steady drip of new content.
  • Complete quests and get keys that can be used to open treasure chests.

At the moment, the game is on the soft-launch at the App Store/Google Play in the following countries: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Kyrgyzstan.

In 2017 we will add Global Multiplayer feature and make the game available worldwide, so the Shadow Quest game will become the most popular mobile RPG in the world.

13.11.2016 caRRage is awarded as "Best mobile game" at DevGamm 2016

Nova Games is happy to announce great news! A couple of days ago, our flagship title caRRage was awarded as a "Best mobile game" at the DevGamm 2016 conference that took place in Minsk.

Congratulations to the team developers!

Right now these talented developers are working on the Global Multiplayer Update for caRRage that will be available in Q4 2016 on both App Store and Google Play. Stay tuned and wait a bit. It's worths it!

31.10.2016 caRRage Halloween Edition has been featured in App Store in tens of countries worldwide!

Happy Halloween! Nova Games is very happy to annouce that the smashing update of the best mobile racing game ever - caRRage Halloween Edition has been featured in App Store in more that 50 countries worldwide.

Here are all the new features that you can see in the Halloween update:

  • New cup
  • New track
  • A special vehicle for real ghost hunters!
  • New garage decorations
  • Candles, posters, pumpkin and spiderweb
  • Terrifying trees
  • Sinister fog
  • Grave fences
  • Headstones
  • Pumpkins, of course
  • Green liquids on tracks
  • Bats
  • Barrels with stains
  • Billboards
  • New decals on the road

Right now we are working on the Global Multiplayer Update for caRRage that will be available in Q4 2016. Stay tuned!

20.10.2016 Killing "caRRage: Halloween Edition" update is finally here!

Nova Games is very scary to announce that the killing "caRRage: Halloween Edition" update is available for download from the App Store worldwide. Will you dare to take part in the Halloween challenge?

We have prepared for you a lot of new terrible features:

  • New tracks and contracts for the reckless racers!
  • Special Halloween content: the undead have invaded the world of caRRage. You've never seen so spooky tracks!
  • A special vehicle for real ghost hunters!
  • Improved graphics and textures
  • Fixed: a bug that could very rarely lead to a reduction in resources. We'd like to thank the players who have noticed it and helped us solve the problem!
  • Fixed: the message about Everyplay updates will no longer be shown before the game starts

Don't be so shy and scared! Download this deadly update and enjoy caRRage: Halloween Edition during all the holidays!

14.09.2016 The winners of caRRage Contest are here!

Nova Games is happy to announce that the caRRage Contest (which was held in September 2016) is over. Congratulations to the Winners of the caRRage Best Replay contest!

We selected finalists in 3 categories:

  • Randomly selected Replay

  • Popular Letsplay

  • Inspiring Video


Here are the winners!!!

  • Randomly selected Replay - Jplam (please contact us to get your reward:)
  • Popular Letsplay - The App Universe
  • Inspiring Video - Risq

Greetings to the winners! Enjoy the caRRagae and wait a bit for the global multiplayer update that is coming this Fall. It's worth it!

12.08.2016 A fantasy game "Swords and Some Magic" is featured on the main page on App Store Russia.

We're very happy to annouce that awesome fantasy game Swords and Some Magic is featured on the main page on App Store Russia in the "Magic and Alchemy" list.

Swords & Some Magic is a fantasy action game, that combines elements from both traditional platformers and contemporary runners. The game features a diverse gameplay, a unique way of "line switching" when the camera changes positions and engages player into QTE sequences, giant bosses and stunning Unreal Engine-powered graphics.

Download the game from the App Store now:

15.07.2016 Ember Guards is featured in VK.com mobile app

Ember Guards, a fascinating and colorful game in keeping with the best traditions of the Tower Defense genre, is now featured in VK.com mobile app in the games category:

VK.com is the largest European online social networking service. It is available in several languages, but is especially popular among Russian-speaking users.

Ember Guards is fetatured among the best games on main banner for 3 weeks in a row. Download the game and lose yourself in the atmosphere of a legend of valiant heroes and witness an unexpected finale. The Kingdom awaits its heroes!