Nova Games is a young and fast-growing mobile game publisher for a broad audience. Founded in 2014, the international publisher Nova Games develops, publishes and promotes mobile games, mainly for iOS and Android in F2P (Free-to-play) segment.

Nova Games was founded by a group of private investors who invest in indie game developers and also operates its own developer teams. That’s why we understand how mobile game industry works. Our project portfolio increases all the time and we are always open to new opportunities.

The most successful game by Nova Games is сaRRage - an addictive arcade racing game, that reveals a post-apocalyptic universe, ruled by mad and desperate drivers. The key feature of caRRage is advanced and thoroughly-designed physics allowing you to feel at the wheel of a real combat vehicle. Adding unique game modes, like battle in the open arena and the cargo delivery in an armored truck, you get a perfect racing game with lots of shooting, collisions and explosions. In 2016 caRRage was featured worldwide by Apple and got 1.3 million downloads.

In 2015-2016 Nova Games also published several mobile games of different genres, which were quite successful in the App Store and Google Play. Ember Guards, Biters!, King of Bugs are among them. We review mobile titles on a daily basis, working closely with game developers (including our in-house teams), and supporting mobile games community.

In 2016-2017 Nova Games plans to develop and publish few more ambitious titles, that will be smashing App Store and Google Play hits for sure. And of course, we will publish the second version of caRRage with a global multiplayer feature, that will shake up the mobile market in the coming years.

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    Our team has a lot of experience in bringing different projects to market.
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    Passion and energy

    We bet on young ambitious professionals who follow market trends.
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    Smart marketing

    We have a generous marketing budget and our marketing team knows how to spend it right.
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    Clear focus

    We work in the Free-to-play segment on iOS and Android platforms. We track users’ behavior and we know what they want.
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    Possibility of investment

    For the best projects we not only provide marketing support, but we can also invest in case it has a clear concept, pulled together team and working prototype.