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King of Bugs


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King of Bugs. The Universe we don't notice.

Did you know about the existence of a world that lives in parallel with ours? Just look down and you will discover a whole universe filled with the true human emotions: love and courage are side by side with treachery and deceit. It is the Universe which inhabitants are ready to fight for their home and freedom.

King of Bugs is a classic Tower Defense with a thrilling story that will entice you not for one night. You will go on an incredible journey in the company of King Charles and his faithful companions. Fierce fights and warm meetings with old friends are waiting for you. Skill and courage will help you to defeat the enemy and to find a new home for the whole ant kingdom. A variety of military arsenal will ease your full of adventure way.

King of Bugs is:

  • fun gameplay
  • variety of dimensions
  • bright storyline
  • unusual gaming experience
  • colorful art
  • author's music
  • memorable stories and fantasy characters

All the lovers of mobile games are guaranteed to have fun and a storm of positive emotions!

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