Nova Games unites professionals all over the globe with just one purpose which is to develop and release successful mobile games. Nova Games includes professional managers, experienced producers, smart marketers, meticulous analysts and the friendliest tech support.

image Alexander Samoilenko CEO

Alex is a chief executive of various IT companies with the experience in running businesses for more than 7 years. Hi is the founder of some prosperous IT projects including the entertainment area. “Screw it, let's do it” type of person.

image Sergey Grachev CMO

Sergey is in charge of all the marketing that Nova Games does. Also Sergey is responsible for all game titles promotion. He is a strong leader and he has a lot of experience in promoting mobile games in Europe, US and Asia.

image Alexey Andreev Head of User Acquisition

Alexey is in charge of planning and executing user acquisition campaigns. He leads media buyers team, makes mobile game analytics, and communicates with all the major media.