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CaRRage game overview in English on the Nova Games blog

CaRRage is an addictive arcade racing game, that reveals a post-apocalyptic universe, ruled by mad and desperate drivers. Experience mind blowing races on a number of tough-looking vehicles: starting with a dusty rust-bucket and a van armed with a circular saw and ending with an indestructible truck blasting away everything in its way!

The key feature of caRRage is advanced and thoroughly-designed physics allowing you to feel at the wheel of a real combat vehicle. Adding unique game modes, like battle in the open arena and the cargo delivery in an armored truck, you get a perfect racing game with lots of shooting, collisions and explosions.

Amazing graphics and latest features of the Unity engine, incredibly realistic car crashes and destructions, colorful explosions and shooting. All this will plunge you into the good old arcade racing atmosphere in one of the most dynamic and beautiful games that you've ever seen on mobile platforms.

Only caRRage features:

  • 11 unique racing locations (9 racing tracks, 1 open arena, and the truck route)
  • exciting single-player campaign and Wi-Fi-based multiplayer mode
  • 3 highly detailed game environments in Full 3D: Desert, City, and Industrial Area
  • 3 game modes: classic race with weapons, delivery mode featuring the Truck, and the open arena battle
  • 8 vehicles (cars, vans, and other deadly “chariots”) with a wide range of upgrades and modifications
  • 34 gears, that turn your car into the weapon of vengeance
  • 9 types of upgradable weapons
  • 40 original decals
  • 3 exclusive soundtracks, created to top the atmosphere of the game

Ram your opponents, use Nitro to overtake them on the turn, blow them up with mines or demonstrate your excellent driving skills and finally: blast your way through with rockets!

Download caRRage and enjoy insane missions in a single-player campaign or challenge your friends in multiplayer.


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