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Ember Guards


New! Game review in Nova Games blog (Russian)

Ember Guards is a fascinating and colorful game in keeping with the best traditions of the Tower Defense genre with bright graphics and dynamic gameplay.

A powerful ancient artifact has been stolen… The Kingdom is on the brink of a disaster! The ancient order of the Ember Guards sets out on an exciting trip full of dangers and adventures. In pursuit of the magic stone they will have to overcome all sorts of enemies, vanquish their leaders and finally meet the Dark Lord himself in the final encounter.

Ember Guards features:

  • Five guard heroes: each has his own game style and his own set of skills for unlimited use in battle
  • Dynamic gameplay requiring quick tactical decisions
  • 15 colorful game levels in three different regions
  • Complete music and voice environment. Professional actors have given their voices to all the heroes
  • More difficult game modes with additional prizes
  • A multitude of enemies, each with its own features and skills
  • Interactive elements of the environment on each level. Figure out how to use them to your advantage!
  • 8 magical artifacts in your inventory
  • Captivating battles with crowds of enemies and mind-blowing bosses
  • Various options for improving the towers: from an archer tower to an electric system.

Lose yourself in the atmosphere of a legend of valiant heroes and witness an unexpected finale. The Kingdom awaits its heroes!

Wanna find hidden bonuses in the game?

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