Shadow Quest

The game hangs after launching, while playing, downloading resources or synchronizing

Attention! First of all, check the App Store / Google Play for the game update. We work hard on the fix of this issue in each every release, and updating the game may help!

Unfortunately, due to high load on our servers, you can get some errors while playing Shadow Quest. You may experience the following:

  • The game hangs at a Shadow Quest splash screen (with the game logo)
  • The game hangs while synchronizing or downloading its resources
  • You've gor an error when you try to register or login
  • You've gor an error while playing. It can happen on any game screen (both in the city view and in the battle)

As a rule, the error looks like this:

or like that:

In this case, you have to press Retry button to continue playing. If this doesn't help, press Restart button to restart the game (your progress will be saved).

Also, there can be situation, when none of these buttons are working, In this case you have to restart the game manually. Do the following:

  • iPhone/iPad. Push the button "Home" twice, after which you will see the multitasking panel. To close the app you should swipe it up.
  • Android. Press switch button on the device (it is a button with two rectangles). You'll see the list of launched app. To close the app, just press the "X" button in the top right corner, swipe the app down (if you are using landscape orientation) or swipe it aside (if you are using portrait orientation).
  • Launch Shadow Quest again.

If you have done all of this and nothing helps, please contact our support (please provide your email and nickname that you used in the game).

We are working on the fix.