Lanista: Hero Arena

I can’t find out which weapon is effective and against which character.

Every character type has three kinds of weapons - the first gives him an advantage over one enemy, the second is over another and the third one is balanced. The character has skills in each weapon type (e.g. three skills per one character). So we have three weapons each and a distant attack (a missile).

Here we can see weapon types for each type of a character. In the parenthesis you can find the class and the most effective weapon against it.

Hero Weapon 1 (enemy) Weapon 2 (enemy)
Magician School of Ice (Paladin) School of Fire (Barbarian)
Bowman Missile (Magician)* Missile (Barbarian)
Assassin Daggers (Bowman) Katars (Magician)
Barbarian Dusters (Assassin) Hatchets (Paladin)
Paladin Grinder (Bowman) Pole-arms (Assassin)

*Missile comprehends crossbows, etc.

Two-handed weapons are in bold type. It means that it’s an all-purpose weapon except for bowmans. Bowmans have all their weapons two-handed. Paladins lack it. Each weapon has 3-4 types of an attack and a critical strike.

Where can I train my heroes?

You can train them in the Arena. Depending on the Arena level, you can train different characters. The training takes place in the background mode and it cannot be disturbed by a battle or by treatment. After the training the characters become tougher and more effective on the battlefield.

Can I sell unnecessary items?

All unnecessary items you can sell in the Shop.

Why there is a Workshop?

In the Workshop you can repair broken items faster.

How to fire a character?

Click on the character and you will see the inscription “To fire the hero?” Choosing “yes” will remove the character and the slot will be released. Remember, while firing the character all his items will be saved for your future usage.

On what depends the quantity of heroes I can hire?

It depends on the Tavern level. So don’t forget to upgrade the building.

What is Tavern for?

In fact, the Tavern is a character shop. There you have all the characters that you cаn hire. In the beginning they are partially blocked. During the game you will access more and more characters blocked before.

How to upgrade the building?

An upgrade of the building happens directly on the spot. The upgrade mode can be activated with the corresponding button. After pressing it you will see either an image “blocked” or “allowed” on each building. Clicking the image you will know the price of an upgrade or what to do to unblock it. Once upgrade started the game will exit the upgrade mode automatically and on the left side you will receive a notification with a progress bar of an upgrade.

What’s the difference between an assassin and a paladin?

The main difference is their unique abilities which can significantly influence on the battle result. For instance the Assassin has the daggers which can seriously hurt the Magician.

I’m stuck on the 23rd level, can’t make it. Please, help me!

Try different strategies to put the warriors on the arena.

Do you have any plans to add new levels in single companies?

Yes, single companies are going to be renewed, just follow the news!

Do you have any plans to add PVP mode in new versions?

In the nearest future we will please the users with adding this mode.

Can I renew the draft more than once a day?

You can renew the draft only once a day. Only with the “hard currency” you can do it more than once.