Ember Guards

Are there hidden bonuses in the game?

Sure! Here are the tips to find them:

  • Level 1: A Country Windmill
    It is hard to miss this rural symbol. Maybe you should stop the mechanism, so as not to attract attention of the local rustics?
  • Level 2: Woodland Glen
    The locals have got something bright and visible from afar in this glen. Maybe this is the way they alert the people who live on the other side of the neighboring woods of danger…
  • Level 3: Cemetery
    The cemetery is full of tombs and crowds of enemies are just trying to get around them. Try to find more other-worldly symbols to use for your own purposes.
  • Level 4: Old Monastery
    Try to find the one who not only knows how to wallow in muck, but to help the local healers at the monastery as well.
  • Level 5: Fortress
    This unit near the fortress can cause significant damage to the area. Use it at the right time.
  • Level 6: Mountain Trails
    Try to find typical representatives of the mountain terrain on this frosty map. It’s a wonder they aren’t cold.
  • Level 7: Shamans’ Outpost
    At lively crossroads with a ton of monsters you could certainly use a freezing unit that is especially effective against a large crowd of enemies.
  • Level 8: Stone Ring
    Have you ever thought of how to distract the shamans from calling a crowd of enemies? Try to attract their attention using a percussion instrument.
  • Level 9: Cave Temple
    Think of what you can use to light the cave entrance. Maybe the crowds of evil monsters will get scared?
  • Level 10: Winter Gates
    Try to find spinning objects. Or you might manage to launch something special? Especially, if you use them together.
  • Level 11: The Other Side
    Another world means different landscapes and vegetation. See if you can uncover the secrets of local plant life – its behavior is sure to surprise you!
  • Level 12: Ancient Treasure
    At certain times, be ready not only to fight monsters, but to solve puzzles as well. You can be sure that such versatile skills will not go unrewarded.
  • Level 13: Mine
    These mine corridors are sure to store exploding devices. They are especially effective if you roll them down the track in a narrow mine…
  • Level 14: Fissure
    The powerful electric pillar in the middle would be really helpful against these devilish creatures. You just need to find how to charge it…
  • Level 15: Volcano Chimney
    A great ending deserves great illumination! The key is not to mess up the sequence…