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Shadow Quest


Shadow Quest: Heroes Story is a deep and bright strategy game with strong RPG elements and a depth of gameplay that rivals modern PC games.

Lead a party of four heroes of various classes forward by using their special abilities. Improve your team in various ways while exploring dungeons in which well-earned rewards await you among enemies and traps. Shadow Quest combines classical RPG elements (leveling up characters, special items, potions, crafting) and the best modern combat mechanics based not just on characters' skills, but also their positional abilities.

The Kingdom has been torn apart by feuds among the various races that populate it. The boundless hatred of this war has spawned the SHADES, echoes of the horrors that have taken place. Their emergence means probably the last war for survival. As a member of the Ancient Order, you command a small troop of heroes. Your goal is to find the source of the Shades and destroy them.

Game features:

  • Deep combat mechanics that rival PC games. Your search for synergy and balance among your heroes will produce impressive results.
  • Dozens of diverse heroes. Each hero has a unique personality, set of equipable items, skills, and abilities.
  • Three character classes: Tank, Fighter, and Healer. This allows you to find your own combat style and develop your own strategy.
  • Each chapter of the campaign ends with a boss battle that demands serious effort to win. As a reward, you will get Shade Essence and gain the ability to craft legendary equipment with unique characteristics.
  • Countless different items, item crafting, character evolving, and a steady drip of new content.
  • Complete quests and get keys that can be used to open treasure chests.

Prepare for an adventure filled with epic battles!

VK community: https://new.vk.com/rpgshadowquest
Facebook community: https://www.facebook.com/shadowquestgame

Download Shadow Quest game press kit.