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Lanista: Hero Arena


We accept scrap iron to make swords and armors.

And now when we got your attention… Welcome to the arena!

Here the gladiators fight for their freedom: professional warriors, killing machines and magicians. No country for loners and only the strongest team will win the top spot.

Now everything is in your hands, you are a mentor and a master of the gladiators, you are the Lanista.

It is not a regular RPG/MOBA game, it is a true manager of the arena where smart positioning even of the weak warriors can lead to the triumph.

  • Choose best fighters and create your unique city
  • Improve the skills of your warriors to have an advantage over your enemies
  • Buy and improve the weapons and the armors if you want to defeat the enemy
  • Improve city buildings to buy, train and cure the fighters and also to create your unique equipment
  • Create a clan, unite your friends and do raids on enemies’ arenas
  • Become the number one or leave the arena in disgrace!