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In the Empire of Kaboom, the number one sport is throwing bombs. Millions of spectators enjoy the exciting show at the Blow-Up Arena, where only one worthy can survive. Rival players resort to subtle cunning and desperate tricks to send a megaton bomb straight at their opponent’s head — and blow them to ribbons!

The winner receives worldwide fame, and everlasting glory in the Empire. You’d be amazed at the characters who show up at the Arena: from mad goblins with their inventions, to mysterious cat mages, to fearless sea pirates and evil undead monsters.

Are you ready to challenge the Bombasters and prove you can handle a bomb better than anyone?

The game offers:

  • Five real players at a time, with colorful playing arenas
  • 20 charismatic characters — their behavior will make sure you don't get bored
  • 26 upgradeable cards that change the gameplay (e.g. Bubble gum, which makes the bomb stick to the player)
  • Treasure chests containing rare and epic cards
  • Four mini-games whose difficulty rises as your skills improve
  • Card manager allowing you to create your own collection of cards
  • Game Center and Facebook support

Fling a bomb at your hated foes, solve puzzles to avoid getting blown to bits, arm your bomb using magic cards, and savor the taste of victory in the Grand Fuse championship!